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Two Coders Seeking Artist in 34/33/33 Profit Share


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We are two coders seeking an artist that would be interested in joining a profit share arrangement. Currently, I have 51% share with the other coder having 49%, and we are both looking to add on one artist to make it 34/33/33 (34% being my share).

My partner and I are currently neck deep in planning out a dog game, and we would like to reach out to the community to feel out interest for any artist that may want to join our agreement.

In this arrangement, we would be responsible for writing content, leftover expenses, programming, server maintenance, and managing the community. You would be responsible for all affairs dealing with art and art theft. We prefer someone willing to also help us write content and manage the community.

My partner and I both work full time jobs and have been working on planning the game bit by bit. There's a lot to be done still - so this is an exciting opportunity to invest your skill and ideas into a game built up on the passion of 3.


We are looking for artists that have:

  • Time to contribute (at least 3 hours/week with plans to invest more as demand develops)
  • Passion for dogs
  • A creative and open mind (particularly for ideas)
  • Experience or aptitude for working with a team
  • A willingness to grow
  • No previous records of tracing or art theft

You must also be 18+ years old and willing to sign a contract.

Note: We are willing to make exceptions for those under 18 on a case-by-case basis. Your parents will be required to cosign the contract


Please direct all further inquiries here. Sending examples of your work will make your inquiry stand out. To show you've read everything here, please also include a short 2-3 sentence explanation of why you want to partner with us.




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Hi! I go by Sheep in the art world. Usually I lurk this forum but I saw your topic and I just had to post!

I'm super interested in this offer, I loveeee dogs and virtual pets. I've been playing virtual pet games since I was like 10, (I'm 21 now) I'm not sure what kind of artist you're looking for exactly, like a pet or item artist or  both but I have various examples of both. <3 I'm very willing to listen to ideas cause I usually look for inspiration so I'm always open for suggestions or whatever someone throws at me. Creativity is everything. I work pretty good in a team, I think. I work well with everyone I'm told haha. And I'm always willing to grow and I want to do more and more everyday, I have a flexible schedule as well. Also, I have not done any tracing or art theft, there's no reason to thats why we have references and whatnot. 

I have done work for Aywas, Verpets, Xanje, and Solpets, and a few others. I will post some of those below: (new to oldish)


2myowvd.png(base body was from Aywas, I did the wolfy/fluffy dog edits)  Wolf gift art by TofuRat(done by me, this is oooold, so is this next one)

Pitbull Mock PBC by TofuRat

szINzdS.png(I dunno why I never colored this in)



Items:  GySOUTv.pngZ63ENNK.pngcJoVuP0.pngCU3XEIk.pngUjuZRVV.pngz0LhVcr.pngJcBrY3R.pngAeEzcTO.png


I hope to hear from you guys soon, you can contact me here or my email [email protected]. <3 

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Beautiful work @Sheepwalk! I will be in contact with you once we receive some more inquiries. We just want to make sure enough people have a chance to respond to the opportunity.


Lurkers: my partner mentioned that we are willing to make exceptions for under 18 year olds on a case by case basis. Meaning, if you are under 18 we will still consider your inquiry. Keep in mind your parents are REQUIRED to cosign the contract.

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I have not worked professionally on any project aside from my own, art-wise, but I have been looking for a good reason to continue developing my art skills. While dragons are what started my interest in art, canines are what developed it. 

This is a WIP shot of a commission (species lineart) someone ordered;


I do not have many finished up-to-date examples, and I apologize for that, but here are some of my works from 2016. 



From this year I do not have much to show as I have had medical issues that resulted in being unable to use my old tablet. I recently invested in a pen-display tablet, though, which has significantly helped with this problem. Now it's just been inspiration I lack, haha.

Regardless of how you feel about my work, I wish you the best of luck in finding a third member to add to your team, and in your project!

-King of Crows

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We've received a lot of interest to this post and are hoping to make a tough decision soon. For possible lurkers: if you've been thinking about submitting to this, do it soon. Now is your chance.

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