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Mini Games and New Mods


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mini games on hp

Your wish is our command! We heard you in the surveys and on the forums when you requested mini games on HP, and now we've officially got our very own game, and Zadkiel did the art for us!

introducing tetrimino!


tetri.png tetra.png

Use the arrow keys on your keyboard to move and reposition the blocks. The UP arrow will change the position of the block and the DOWN arrow will make the blocks fall faster.

The goal is to line them up as perfectly as possible. Every time a line is filled, it will disappear. Pay attention, because the more lines your clear, the faster the blocks fall!

For each line cleared you will earn 3500 HPD. You can play it up to 3 times a day to send your score and earn HPD, or as many times a day for free as you want. After you send your score, the HPD will be automatically added to your bank account.

Click here to play! or you can find the link anytime under the Community tab in the main navigation.

The game has music, but you can mute the sound of the game at any point with the little horn icon.

We know that some people are a little apprehensive about mini games on HP, but please be assured that playing them is in no way a requirement, and if you're not a fan, you can sidestep them completely! They're just a way to earn some extra HPD, and will never become the only way or even the main way to do so.

If this game does well, we plan to add others in the future and depending on the skill level of the games involved, we may give options to earn animal points instead of HPD.


congratulations to our new mods

Please congratulate Panthera Onca (#13599), Koni (#29377) (previously Eiko), and Siib!

Thank you to everyone who applied :). We loved reading your applications!

Happy Tuesday!


P.S. The bank link is now under the "Home" menu rather than the "Shop" menu, I thought it made more sense there! You can also still find it on your home page. 

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