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cyber monday on hp!

Check out our sales on upgrades, cash shop items, and store items!



  • 6 month upgrades are $12 (normally $15)
  • 1 year upgrades are $25 (normally $30)
    *These prices are good for auctions too!*

    cash shop

  • 50 Horse Bucks package (50% Discount) for $25
  • Retirement breedings are 3 Horse Bucks (normally 7 Horse Bucks)
  • One year deages are now 100,000,000 HPD (normally 300,000,000)
  • Two year deages are 3 Horse Bucks (normally 6 Horse Bucks)
  • Limited edition breed pass is 500,000 HPD (normally 1,500,000)
  • Resurrection Passes are now 6 Horse Bucks (normally 10 Horse Bucks)
  • Custom Store Pairs are available and they are only 3 Horse Bucks (normally 7 Horse Bucks)
  • Breeding Boosts are 2 Horse Bucks (normally 5 Horse Bucks)

    regular store

  • Stalls and Crates are 6,000 HPD (normally 12,500 HPD)
  • Mass Feeders are 2,500,000 HPD (normally 15,625,000 HPD)
  • Extra Energy is 3,000,000 HPD (normally 6,250,000 HPD)

    special sales

  • SOLD OUT Get 50% off of a 1 month upgrade with the code "CyberMonday30" - but hurry! There are only 20 of these coupons available.
  • Starter Packs are available to EVERYONE from 6 pm HP time until Cyber Monday sales end!

    All of these sales will be valid through midnight HP time tonight!

    Happy shopping! I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving weekend :).


    P.S. Due to the high volume of internet sales on the Thanksgiving weekend, PayPal may be running a little behind. This means that your upgrade or Horse Bucks may take up to 30 minutes to show up on your account, but rest assured that they will!

    Please message me on account #1 with any payment issues.

    When doing auctions, make sure you only have ONE tab with HP open, or it may not go through properly.

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