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New features + bug fixes!


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Happy Sunday!


For those of you in the United States, I hope you all had a restful Thanksgiving. We have been hard at work fixing bugs and uploading new items over the weekend!

Recent bug fixes:

  • Magenta body color is loading properly
  • Diluted Purple body color is loading properly
  • Body Jewelry Wearable is now loading properly
  • Upgrades automatically added to account
  • Transfer horses bug
  • Quest bug
  • Beauty Contest error
  • Foal age error
  • Purchasing from user shops
  • About me bugs
  • And more!

Remember, you can always browse resolved bugs by clicking "Resolved Errors and Bugs" in the forum area!


In addition to these bugs, we have also revised breeding a bit! We noticed many players were unhappy with how stats were passed down from the sire and dam, so we have changed the formula to the following ((dam stat + sire stat)/2)*1.3)= foal's stats. We would love your feedback regarding this change! We may modify this formula again and change the points formula back to the old one (otherwise, foal points start out VERY high).

What do you all think of this change?


Next up, we also have some new wearable releases! We have added the Chiffon Robe, Winter Robe, and the Body Jewelry Wearable to the Cash Shop!


Here is a preview of the Chiffon Robe on an Arabian Meyril!




Let us know what your favorite update is in the comment area below!


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