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I find the game to be somewhat confusing. My character just seems to walk around the screen on their own accord and battle gaining experience and coin without me doing anything? And the battling where you click battle on the screen (so different than the self battles above) also requires me to do nothing. But all the Pokemon just attack and I win. As far as I can see I have no choice. This game could run without me, and has been while I type this out. 

The display screen is so tiny, but has so many icons on it at once, so it's really confusing and feels chaotic to me. I am guessing it was a mobile game made available to web or something? 

Mostly it just feels like it was Pokemon skinned in order to gain popularity, but it hardly has any actual Pokemon mechanics. My Bagon and Chansey that I just randomly and with a forced 'tutorial' for the second are fire type. Pokemon don't just have different types randomly. And Pokemon is all about making your own choices.

I could see it being fun for some people who just want something to 'play' casually. Watch the numbers go up I guess. But mostly I am just left confused.

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On 10/25/2018 at 3:19 AM, Ratchet_1988 said:

here's a good question, why ripoff Nintendo and make money with this when it's not your property?

Not going to question their decision, but I will say that The Pokemon Company can be very aggressive with pursuing things like this, so I'd be careful.

As for the game, I echo those above. Also seems you guys are pretty rude to constructive criticism in your reviews


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