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Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp


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So I downloaded Animal Crossing Pocket Camp yesterday and I'm completely hooked! Has any way else played it? I loved how they introduced new mechanics like quests, crafting, and relationships!

Who here wants to share their ID? I'm looking for some friends so I can go into these mines and such. We can visit each other's camp sites ?

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On 11/23/2017 at 12:37 PM, Corleone said:

I haven't. I've been disconnected from the series for possibly a decade by now, but I remember loving it back in the day. It was right up my alley with the sense of progression it gives you.

Is it similar to the console versions as a whole?

It has quite a few differences. Granted, I'm only familiar with the older games, not New Leaf. You run your own campsite. You do favors/requests by collecting items. You have no control over what gear you use (fishing pole, net, shovel) since they're based on location. (In certain spots, you can fish, so it automatically gives you a fishing pole.) There's crafting with furniture for your camper (your 'house') and your campsite. Certain animals require certain furniture. You still have loans, but they're more optional and not forced upon you. (You can upgrade at your leisure.)

There's some other features, but that's the gist.

I'm liking it so far! I'm a little sad some old characters I loved aren't there, and I'm super bumed about no museum (I loved the owl! But I get that it doesn't make sense for this game xD), but it's cute! Loads of new characters I've never seen, and the graphics give me some nostalgia ;)

My ID: 2281 8120 524

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Oh, I've loved this franchise since I was a little girl! I remember my aunt and I played Population Growing on the Nintendo Gamecube all the time. I'm loving this app, it has a very relaxed pace and it's nice to pull it up on car rides and such and just spend a few minutes fishing or interacting with the animals. 


My ID is 0181 1718 039

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