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Wanted: php programmer


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Hey guys,

Third time lucky! I need someone who is committed to a LONG TERM project.

I'm looking for a PHP developer for an animal breeding and showing game. I have a game which has been partially done, but still in early development, which needs other features added and finishing. It is being done on the Pet Game Framework. And obviously needs to be happy to work in with existing code. I have no great rush, so would suit someone who is just looking for some work on the side (obviously don't want to be waiting months but I'm reasonable). If you have an understanding of genetics, that would be beneficial but not required.

Reasonably priced please, I'm paying for this out of my own pocket. Alternatively if you'd like to do the work for in game perks I would be very open to that possibly as would make it a lot easier on my bank balance! I would love to be able to pay for it feature by feature, rather than in one big chunk for the entire thing.

I am on the other side of the world as most so Skype may not be possible, so someone happy to communicate via email and happy with Paypal. Though I do allow time for the work to be done, a timely communication via email is a must. Please don't just up and ignore me if you don't want to do it, I do appreciate you letting me know for whatever reason. You don't need to do any design as I have that covered, pure programming.

Thanks in advance!

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