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Happy Thanksgiving (at least in the US)


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I just wanted to stop in and say Happy Thanksgiving for those in the states, and well, same to our international friends!

I also wanted to let the community know that for the rest of this week and next, my responses to PM's and such will be delayed a little longer then normal. I am taking this holiday to move (a household of 4) about 1200 miles north, from San Diego, California - to the currently wet and rainy Seattle, WA area. During this time, I will be without internet for part of it, driving the other part of it, and unpacking the rest of it. I will be able to respond via mobile however, but expect a slight delay as I get settled in.

@Martyn is also around should you need to reach out.

Bonus points for Thanksgiving food pics! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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Yeah, I'll be able to answer any queries you all have whilst Digital is busy sorting out the move and such.
Feel free to PM me on here or even or Discord, I'm always available on both. :)

Hope that your holiday isn't too stressful @Digital, house moves are notoriously stress inducing.

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