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Top Scores + Retirement + and more!


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Happy Monday!



I apologize for the lack of updates on my end; the holidays are upon us! We got quite a few areas finished up this week, which I am excited to announce.


First off, our Top Scores page in each world is up and running! You can check this page out by navigating to any world > click "Top Scores"

This page shows the top horse in that particular world, and also ranks players & horses based on earnings/points/player points. This is a fun area for players to strive to appear on!

Next up, we have enabled horse retirement! Rather than a death feature, we thought "retirement" would be more fun for players. At age 13, horses can be retired by editing the settings in a horse's profile. This will then move a horse to the "retired" barn, which does not have a storage limit! Only retired horses can be placed in this barn. Once a horse is retired, it is essentially out of play. However, players can still browse their most successful horses in this area!

We also have released 8 new grooming items, which can be viewed in the "Newest Items" area. What do you think? Has anyone collected them all? Let us know in the comments!



  • Resolved Mocha body image error
  • Resolved Magenta body image error
  • Enabled foal beauty contests
  • Added Guides, Role-play, and CE discussion forum categories
  • Auto stocked items into user shop
  • Bald foals
  • World Coin errors


We will be improving genetic stat inheritance and working through current bugs. Again, please post any bugs you find in our bug forum! We monitor this area very closely and try to address them as quickly as possible. We also take suggestions very seriously as well!


We hope to release crossbreeding by the end of this week, so stay tuned for updates around that feature. Happy gaming!


-  CE Staff

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