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SSL Encryption - what do you use?


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Who do you like to use for SSL Certs? I currently use Let's Encrypt, because quick and easy, but I'm open to other (paid) options.

Is it worth paying for a wildcard cert? Let's Encrypt gives you 100 hostnames, so I'm not too worried about it for my pet site(s), but I do run a WordPress multisite for clients as a side business that uses subdomains and a wildcard cert would be helpful there.

I won't go in depth about SSL, but if you do any of the following you should be using it:

  • you want a better search engine ranking (Google)
  • you take payments or sell products
  • you offer memberships or take any sensitive information from users via forms
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@The Dark Lord I actually saw that after I made this post! That's awesome. So I'll just keep doing what I'm doing and wait for the wildcard certs. I'm using domain mapping for my WP multisite anyway so I'd need a new cert for the new hostname.

Everyone else feel free to share if you're using something different. Or we could talk more about why you should use SSL Encryption. I am honestly surprised that I still see some pet sites not using them. Especially big sites like Flight Rising and Lioden. Even if you're using another service like PayPal to process payments, there's really no reason not to use HTTPS for your whole site. I'm guessing poorly designed code is probably among their reasons (hardcoded URIs everywhere). I'm a huge privacy and security advocate so to me it's a little ridiculous that it's 2017 and there are still sites not doing this simple thing for security - especially since getting a cert is easier than it's ever been.

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On 11/20/2017 at 10:45 PM, Design1online said:

OpenSSL is free ?

OpenSSL is not a certificate issuer. It is a TLS toolkit and cryptographic library. While you can use it to generate self signed certificates, they will not be implicitly trusted anywhere on the Internet.

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