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Sidebar changes, Guide section, and 10 Power offer, oh my!


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So, I have modified our sidebar a little (for mobile users it is under the forums.)

  • We now have Popular Now block, which are the top 5 threads that have gotten 5 posts in them in the last 24 hours (thus popular on the boards.) I hope in time to reduce the 24 hours to smaller amounts, but for now it allows you to see what people are actually posting about. Let's see if we can keep it at 5 all the time, I challenge all of you! :P 
  • Under that are the top 7 newest posts on the boards in the Newest Threads block.
  • Under that are the Latest Guides that have been posted. It will show the most recent 7 guides that have been posted. I am attempting to write a guide every one or two days myself, among my other active projects for the site, but anyone can post them. I will be moving the Tutorials and Guides sub-forum out of the Coding section and making a top level forum for just that purpose. Guides can be about anything from art tutorials, business (how to moderate, monetize, SEO, building buzz), code, as long as it is in context of gaming :).

I am offering a 10 power point boost to any of your Adoptables if you submit a guide. They do not need to be long, but they need to offer value to the reader. *hint push push poke poke*

Remember, we do have a contest until Sunday for who has earned the post Power. This is a great way to catch up, or a good way to get ahead.

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25 minutes ago, PaulSonny said:

This prompted me to get my finger out - the first part of the Phaser Game Development series is out. Part 2 coming next Tuesday. I'll make it a weekly series.

10 Power has been rewarded, it was an amazing guide! For those wondering: 


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