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New breed!


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We are excited to announce the release of the Meyril breed, which was an original breed from the first version of Celestial Equine. The Meyril is available in many natural variations, including various markings! I highly suggest checking out the Meyril in the Mythical World as soon as possible ;)

Remember, each breed is available in 10 different body types! Upgraded members have the ability to select any of our ten body types in the premium creation area. Check out this preview of the Meyril!



Next up, we are in the process of fixing the following errors:

  • Unlocking worlds with world coins
  • Accessing upgraded Beauty Contests
  • Accessing "Manage Account"
  • Item stocking error
  • Unequipping item error

We have managed to fix the following errors:

  • Unable to unlock worlds with Player Points
  • Players with an id over 1,000 unable to view horses or barns
  • Beauty Contest wording fix

We hope to have these issues resolved tomorrow. If you do encounter additional errors, please report them in the forum area! We closely monitor reported bugs, and try to tackle them as quickly as possible.

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