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When you start programming, what do you do to mentally prepare?


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Since I can't drink coffee anymore due to acid reflux (boo!) I now use MiO Energy Iced Mocha Java water droplets which have caffeine and B-vitamins.  It tastes pretty good even though it's not exactly like coffee.  I always start with my caffeine drink, LOL.  If I need to think, I'll usually just get into a groove.  If I'm doing something repetitive and mindless, I'll put some tunes on.  Since I have some alpha testers helping me with my game, my first priority is bug fixing.  I'm also observing their game habits and questions about various things which is helping me to think of ways to make various game mechanics more accessible or easier to grasp.  Finally, there's a ton of art to do.  Most of it is tiny pixel art so it's getting done fast, but there's just so much to do.  I have new features planned programming wise, but they are not going in until the art is done.  This has been my flow.

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