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Beauty Contests (new game) + new wearables + bug fixes!


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We have exciting news!

Our coveted Beauty Contests have finally made their comeback! You may now access this fun game within each world. Unsure of what a beauty contest is? Keep on reading!

What are Beauty Contests?

The Beauty Contest is a fun "Pick your favorite" game located in each world. Players can enter their horses into a contest and/or have fun voting on various pairings! This is a fun opportunity to take advantage of wearables and show off your favorite creations!

We also have some fun prizes for participants and winners. Each vote earns the voter 10 coins! Contests are judged each Sunday at 12am and yield the following prizes:


  • 1st place - 5,000 points to the horse, 5,000 player points for the player, 5,000 coins to the player
  • 2nd place - 3,000 points to the horse, 3,000 player points for the player, 3,000 coins to the player
  • 3rd place - 1,500 points to the horse, 1,500 player points for the player, 1,500 coins to the player
  • Each time your horse wins a vote - 5 points to horse, 5 player points to player, 10 coins to player

Here are two fun previews from the Water World!



Hop on over to your favorite world and start entering/voting!


Next up, we have been hard at work fixing various lingering bugs! The following issues were resolved this week:

  • Resolved errors associated with purchasing horses from other users
  • Resolved low # account purchases (cash shop)
  • Resolved competition creation # (Platinum can create 7 moving forward!)
  • Resolved quest game errors
  • Resolved comment total error on stickied forum posts
  • Resolved "views" count on forum posts

In addition to bugs, we also released the following new features:

  • Custom horse profile backgrounds for upgraded members
  • Custom signatures for upgraded members
  • Added leaderboard to quest pages
  • Custom barn icon upload for upgraded members


Here is a preview of a custom background on the horse profiles. Does this look amazing or what?!



For next week, we will be concentrating on the following areas:

  • Breeding
  • Crossbreeding + New breed registration
  • World Top Scores
  • Moderator Actions
  • Continued bug monitoring

We are aware of our recurring issues with barns! Please be patient while we work to figure out the root cause of this bug :) As you may have noticed, our bug list in the forum area has dwindled down significantly!


Lastly, we do have an amazing sale on low digit accounts happening in the Cash Shop! Our low digit accounts are currently priced at $89, regularly $149! These accounts come with a 6-month platinum membership as well! Remember - our cash shop funds our continued development, so every little bit helps ;)

Stay tuned for more updates!

- CE Staff

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