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Getting a Team??


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So I've been kind of sitting back and watching on the forums for a while, back on VPL and here too. Recently I finished up my game idea and began pushing to build it. The problem is: most games I see have at least two people who are working together to build the game.

Usually this consists of a programmer and an artist but it sometimes varies. While I have been doing okay on my own I would really like other team members to bounce ideas off and help me out. I'm thinking more along the lines of co-owners if that makes sense.

So my question is: how did you get other team members? Any tips for maybe getting a co-owner? etc.

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This might not be super helpful, but:

On my main game, HP, I definitely haven't done it alone, but I don't have a co-owner. I've hired programmers and artists, and there are mods and admins who came after it opened. Some of the mods/admins have been with me basically since the beginning, and those are the people I bounce ideas off of, as well as players. In the beginning stages, I designed the game I wanted, took notes from potential players, and also listened to any pointers from the programmer about the best way to do things.

I think it's hard to find a co-owner for a site that you've already designed. But that being said, I've co-owned two in-development games with two people who I get along with very well and both games fell apart in the development stages. It's kind of just hard to work with other people who have different management styles and different timelines and just different ideas about how things should go.

So, my suggestion is that you find some people who are interested in actually playing the game and bounce some ideas off of them, because they are the people you will eventually be marketing to. But I wouldn't be stuck on finding a co-owner unless you stumble across someone with the same vision as you.

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