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Halloween Event + Character Creation!


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"Hello Citizens! Things are moving along. I know it has been a bit of time since our last bulletin board update but we want the best for the citizens of our realm, so rushing resulting in low quality work is just not an option." Well, that is the message that the officials wanted me to include in this post, so there it is, I did my duty... >.> But now, onto the exciting news!

So, first on the menu, we hear that the realms are making it a requirement that all Citizens carry a photo ID card of themselves on hand at all times. So you probably should start that diet that you have been planning to start tomorrow... -.- The officials are allowing those citizens who hold an Alpha pass to have priority access before it actually becomes a requirement for all citizens... so... better get to it while there are no waiting lines! Check below for more info.

Note: Character creation event will only trigger for users with Alpha access.

(Click to see larger image)

Choose your character's sex.

(Click to see larger image)

Completely customize your character!

It's that spooky time of year again, and there are strange things happening as we get closer to that certain day. There are reports of people going missing in the Haunted Forest and there is no trace of them to be found.... only... their Trick or Treat Bucket. Officials are investigating this matter and suggests that citizens stay away from that forest for now until they solve the case. So yeah, you should probably take heed but... those buckets could be filled with goodies... *cough* but no, don't listen to your greedy mind! Safety comes first! Officials are not sure if this is just some sort of sick trick or not, but, they aren't laughing! Read on for more info on the incident.

Note: Event is triggered by posting or replying to a discussion in the forums, there is a minimum character limit require to trigger the event but in order to try and limit spam, we will not mention the exact amount.

(Click to see larger image)

1. Search the image to find the hidden tot_bucket_grayscale.png and then click on it to claim your prize. The opacity and location varies, sometimes it will be easy and other times it may take a bit of searching. Have fun! :D
2. If you just cannot find that little bucket and have had enough, then you may click the "Finish" button located at the bottom right of the screen. You will lose your chance at a prize this time, but at least you can rest your mind and eyes haha.

(Click to see larger image)

After locating the ToT bucket then be sure to have a look inside by clicking the larger version and you will either get nothing or get a neat item. Here are the possible prizes, the last two being the more rarer ones.


Alright! The results are in for the Roleplay Buffet that was hosted a few months back and here is a list of the users who filled their belly the most, and their prizes!

$50 Cash or 50 Royal Tokens
3-Color Cube (x1)
Random Species Egg (x1)
Gold Travel Bag (x1)
Winner: @TheIronPoet (142 Points)

15 Royal Tokens
2-Color Cube (x1)
Purple Travel Bag (x1)
Winner: @Azuna (71 Points)

5 Royal Tokens
Single Color Cube (x1)
Green Travel Bag (x1)
Winner: @Lunar_Redux (42 Points)

Congrats to you all and we hope you enjoy your prizes! And thank you for everyone who participated! Okay, so what else do we have on the list, let's see *rustles through some papers*... Ah! There it goes! So, it seems that Prof. Osmond has restricted the access of the breeding simulator to those citizens who hold an Alpha pass only. No information was given as to what brought about this change but we are thinking the officials had a hand in it...


I hear that there are lots of new things in the works for those who hold an Alpha pass, so it probably would be a good idea to get one if you have a little spare change lying around. I hear the realms have added an option to the fundraiser for those of you interested in the pass only and not any of the other rewards offered. So, be sure to check it out! Also, while you are there, you will notice that there is a tier that offers a Purple Travel Bag as a reward, now what is this you ask? Well, you already have a travel bag, but this travel bag is an upgrade to a bigger one! It should definitely come in handy if you were to... I don't know... come across an abandoned ToT Bucket or something. *cough*

(Ooo Shiiinyyyy...)

To upgrade your travel bag after you have acquired one of these items, post a reply to the Travel Bag Upgrade Thread!

And last but certainly not least, here is a note from our Officials in regards to some more things that have happened:

"Things Updated:

- Added Reply Count for discussions.
- Fixed Messaging Bug of not being able to read messages.
- Fixed Messaging Bug of new messages showing up at the bottom.
- Temporary Characters & Companions cleared.
- Character Background text sent to inbox of users who filled it out so they won't lose their hard work.
- Temporary Citizen Info Update Section removed from BIO page.
- Previous Sub-Replies have been cleared.
- Layout navigation bar hover color changed.
- Breeding Simulator link added to navigation bar as a dropdown link under "Play" section of navigation bar
- Travel Bag now a dropdown link under "Play" section of navigation bar".

Enjoy! Until next time!

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This looks amazing!

I may just have to throw some money towards the Alpha access, it's so exciting to see games like this in the works~!

May I ask a few questions, though:

Will all data be removed from an account with alpha access when going into Beta, and will Beta access require an additional purchase?

Will data be wiped from an account with Beta access when going into full production?

What are your main plans for the future?

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Thanks for your interest!

Q: Will all data be removed from an account with alpha access when going into Beta, and will Beta access require an additional purchase?

A: Not all data, we plan to keep the things that will be reset at a minimum. And no, puchasing Alpha access also gives you access to Beta.

Q: Will data be wiped from an account with Beta access when going into full production?

A: See above answer, all your items, specially and paid features will remain untouched unless otherwise stated. If certain items or prizes will be reset, we will notify users with their release.


Q: What are your main plans for the future?

A: Please expand on this question.

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