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Question about Pet Game Item Art Styles


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Wasn't really sure where to put this!

I have been interested in selling premade pet game art (items, backgrounds, etc) and around the time I finally was going to do do it, VPL went down. I'm so thankful for this forum, but now that I've read through some topics and looked at people's games... something has become more and more apparent to me.

When selling premade pet game items, what style is one exactly looking for?
Is this realistic style, lineless art, colored lines, or black outlined art similar to Neopets? Or do most people opt to just hire one/ a few artist(s) to conform to the style of the site? Any answers will greatly help me, thank you!

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I'd say it depends on who's buying. From what I've seen, art styles in pet/sim games are pretty diverse, and semi-realistic and cartoony/neopets styles tend to be used equally as often. One style isn't going to appeal to everyone, so no matter which style you decide to choose you're always appealing to a specific niche; unless you decide to sell multiple styles that is.

I think people hire more often than they buy, since you want the art style on your site to be uniform. What also happens is that people can buy premade pets/items and then hire the artist who made it if they want anything else, or hire different artists that can mimic the style if the original artist is no longer available. (Although people who buy premade bases are more likely to just hire color artists)

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