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Wasn't fully sure where to put this since it's sorta like a game, but... different:

Sorry for the weird coloration going on here, but copied this from the Discord since i'm too lazy to type it again :P  Any help or advice would be awesome!

Okay, this is going to seem like a strange question, but anyone familiar with ARPG groups? Basically it's sorta like a game meant for artists and writers where you are given a critter and some things you are allowed to do with it. Like if you submit artwork of it exploring, an admin will reward you with random items, and you'd have to submitting different images to see what sort of stuff you can get. Anyways, one large aspect of these games is of course the breeding of your critters. Each critter has a genotype code... most of these games have a breeding roller, like this one: http://felvargs.com/roller/breeder/roller.html Where you type in the genotype of both parents and it produces potential genotypes of offspring. My question is, being not code-savy at all or a bit on the financial downside, I was wondering if anyone have/has any ideas of other methods? I heard there was one you can created in google docs, but waiting on further info about that... but yeah, if you know anything, it would be super helpful

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