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Next Adoptable "Big Feature"


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Above are the options for the next big Adoptable feature. Note, that this isn't going to be the only feature, but will be the focus of the next release as the big thing. The idea is that I will try to allow each Adoptables release to be more focused around releasing something neat or cool. Note: More then one voted feature may make it in, this is just to gauge the communities interest in different ideas.

Features up for grabs:

  • Ability to "Pet" another users Adoptable once per day, giving that user's pet some Power.
  • Ability to feed an Adoptable some form of "Food" daily to provide a boost in power gain for a period of time.
  • Daily Power Streak, additional bonus power awarded upon first post of the day. (Stacks up to 7 days in a row before resetting)

These are designed to bring users back daily, however two provide a little more interactivity, the third being more of a passive option.

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Agreed with SingSong. I think the third one would be most effective at encouraging people to post. In fact, I'm wondering if the first two might be counter-effective (allowing people to boost power without posting). 

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