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Hiring additional developers for Celestial Equine


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I am currently searching for developers interested in working on a feature by feature basis for Celestial Equine! This game is built on Pet Game Framework by Design1Online. I would prefer working with developers who have messed with PGF before, or would be interested in learning something new. I do have a current full-time developer, so this position would be for someone interested in working on a single feature at a time.

Here is a short list of the type of tasks I need completed:

  • Battle system
  • Misc games
  • Additional forum development
  • Top scores area
  • Current feature expansion

If your'e interested, please shoot me a message! I prefer applicants with references + a good amount of past experiences. HTML/CSS knowledge is a plus!

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Dropping a recommendation here! I create art assets for Vix / Celestial Equine and I have to say she's been one of my favorite clients to work with!

She's very pleasant, organized, and thorough with what she needs, is extremely fair with pricing and timelines, and has always been on the ball with fast responses to any questions/updates. 

I'm sure this translates to any programmers she works with too! :thumbsup:

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