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New and Exciting Feature Updates


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Hello HP!

We've got some new stuff for you this morning!

new animal awards!


  • There is now an animal award for being the highest pointed in your breed! It awards 5000 animal points when you earn it. Animals who currently are the highest should receive their awards tonight!
  • We've added in awards for generations 21-40!

    This should cover every animal on the game, because as far as we can tell, the highest generation is currently 30 for dogs and 24 for horses.

    If you have any animals who do not have the correct award, please message me on account #1 or Blitz on account #2049 to have it corrected as soon as possible! To make sure we can get them fixed as quickly as possible, please include the animal ID and what generation they SHOULD be in your message.

    bank interest

    You can now save money and collect interest on your saved bank amount.

    Upgraded players get .02% weekly interest, and basic players get .01% weekly interest on any amount saved. Interest will be available to collect every Sunday and will be added to your savings amount, but you have to press "collect!" just like you have to pick up your weekly paycheck each week.

    This means if you deposit $1 mill HPD (1,000,000), you will earn $200 HPD per week if you're upgraded or $100 per week if you're a basic player.

    You can add as much to savings as you want for free, but there is a .05% fee on any money you take out of savings. This means if you have $1 mill HPD (1,000,000) in savings, you will have a $500 HPD fee, so you can withdraw a maximum of $999,500 HPD.

    But why a fee? The fee is there for a couple of reasons. The first reason is to encourage you to save money and not use the savings option as your regular bank account. If you're upgraded it will take less than 3 weeks of leaving money in savings to earn more in interest than the fee will be. The second reason is because whenever we add ways to move money into the HP economy, we have to balance it out to curb inflation.

    So how will this work in practice? Say you're saving for a project 6 months from now and you deposit $500 mill HPD, that means you will get $100k/week in interest, which would be a total of a little more than $2,600,000 earned in interest by the end of the 6 months, if you deposit nothing else. Then if you were to withdraw all of the money, your fee would be $251,300 HPD. So your $500 mill will have turned into $502,348,700.

    What if HP's economy changes so that the interest and fees no longer make sense? We will adjust them as needed, but this is our starting point.

    transferring animals

    You can now transfer animals between your own accounts without putting them up for sale! On the bottom of horse and dog pages, there is a new box that contains a dropdown list of all of your accounts connected by email. You can choose a new one and press send and that's it!

    It's a drop down list of your accounts rather than letting you type an ID to prevent any accidental transfers to the wrong account.

    We've got more new stuff coming your way soon! :).

    As always, please let me know if you find any bugs or have any questions.

    Also, remember we're hosting a chat party this Friday at 7 pm HP time! Join us for games and giveaways!

    Happy Tuesday, HP!


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