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What are the things you always take with you?


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So, when you leave the house, what do you usually bring with you? What can you not live without upon walking out the door at any time?

For me, it is my sunglasses (cause I be blind in sunlight without them), wallet, and naturally - smartphone. Of course, I usually at least have one child with me as well. :P 

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My iPhone is always with me, and my earphones too (I would legit cry if I couldn’t listen to my music while out)

Then of course money and my ID card are always in my left pocket, while in my right I always keep a pack of tissues (you never know when you might get dirty) and a couple of hairpins (I know how to pick locks.... I’m always prepared) ?

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I can live without things (I don't attach myself to objects), but I do have some things I usually carry with me.

Most days I'll have my watch, phone, wallet, keys. I'm always wearing my necklace, earrings and wedding ring. Also as its winter I'm usually decked out with coats, hats, mitts, scarves.. mustn't forget those lest I freeze.

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I have SEVERE, DEADLY allergies that can very easily kill me if tobacco smoke gets near me.
I do not go outside very often for this reason, and when I do I can't leave without equipment.
I also can't go anywhere alone, because of the involved dangers, and because of disabilities.

  • Gas Mask (to ideally prevent deadly smoke inhalation or general fumes)
  • Benadryl (antihistamine to hopefully prevent most anaphylactic shock)
  • Epipen (epinephrine injector to reverse anaphylactic shock and death)
  • Medkit (including latex free bandaids, antiacids, and pain medication)
  • Cane (walking cane I use because my knee muscles tear apart easily)
  • Glasses (transition lenses because I am hypersensitive to sunlight)
  • Guide (human who checks for smoke and gives medical assistance)
  • Wallet (includes state identification, health card, allergy card, money)
  • Phone (to call for a ride home or to the hospital if something happens)
  • Charger (if my phone dies, then I put myself at deadly risk from issues)
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