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Draconis Theory


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In times of Yore there lived a Mythical Creature
whose magical powers and strength were legend.
Dragon was his name and he was feared by many.
Was he good, or was he evil?
Was he noble and wise
or full of wrath and vengeance?

Enter the world of the Dragon and find out. Draconis Theory is a free online dragon game about breeding, training, and battling dragons. Learn new skills, choose their battle tactics, and battle monsters in Epic showdowns of skill and strategy. Each dragon has a unique set of stats, traits, and genetics which determine how well they will battle and what they look like. Watch your dragon eggs hatch, your babies grow, and improve the next generation over their parents. 
Gain territory while battling, and explore new lands.  Examples of dragon art is shown below using two variants of the wind species:


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Haven't heard of this one, just signed up. Seems neat so far. Though I am annoyed on some of the navigation just ease of getting around. Having to click the drop downs is such a pain. Would prefer if everything was just expanded or you could choose. Probably not so bad once I am familiar with choices though. Still could use some polish/modernizing on the different pages and just how information is displayed. Errors are so hard to see to example, and overall how text is displayed just seems to be big blobs and just hard to scan for information.

So far seems to have a lot of features though, and focus on breeding and battling is fun for me. The dragon art isn't my favorite but still cute enough to be appealing I think. Got two little water ones to start and they 3 eggs from them so far. The explore system seems interesting and battling is okay.

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I agree that the dragon art really needs to be updated.  I've focused on one species only, which is Wind, because I like the Tempest variant.  The navigation is definitely not the most friendly with having to re-open the menus each time, but after awhile you do get used to it.  The most annoying thing for me is being logged out after 30 minutes of inactivity, and it doesn't allow you to store your password on the site in your browser, so you have to manually type it in each time which is a pain.  I know it's hardcore on the security, but it does make using the site a pain.  Other than that I find everything else enjoyable enough to keep playing.  A few of the games are fun to do each hour and can reward you with stuff to give you an advantage, and I really like breeding for stats and variants. 

The other downside is if you are inactive for 3 months, your account is deleted.  If you are upgraded, that stretches out to a year.  I have lost my account before, so I've now added it to my list of games to visit daily.  I want to try to achieve triple legendary stats on my progenitor's lineage at some point down the road with the Tempest variant.  I do like breeding challenges like that.

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That is really interesting they log you out every 30 minutes, guess I hadn't left it sitting long enough to notice yet. That's also interesting about the browser, especially since there password requirements are pretty ridiculous,  6-9 characters only alphanumeric.

Yeah I saw that about the account being deleted, it does make me hesitant since I do go through different periods in life. But plan to play it for now at least when I have some time. And if I do get attached should be able to login every so often. At least have to get my eggs hatched and explore a bit more.

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So something really cool happened to me from one of my breedings.  I had a dragon that I swore was one color when it hatched, then later it was a different color.  When I looked at her stats, sure enough, she was born with a special talent which allows her secondary color to change.  Dragons with special talents have golden claws, and it's a rare occurrence.  I'll post a link to her here so you can check back and see her color changes after so many hours go by.


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