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First off, I got Imagick running on my server again! Now I can continue working on Wild Souls without having to look at an ugly "can't read file" error.

Second, I've started some minor renovations so things are more eye-catching, that includes starting to fill in the index page:


Now onto the important part: suggestions! I've made two suggestion boxes so I can gather ideas from the community to implement in the game. At the moment, there are two open:

  • Markings and Bases
    • One of the main features of Wild Souls is character customization, since I want users to be able to create (or recreate) their own OCs to play as. The more markings and colors, the more unique the wolves of Frekiheimr will look down the line!
  • General Ideas
    • This box is just for things you would like to have added to the game. If you don't know if your suggestion is already planned, just check the Trello Board!

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