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Finally! An Adoptable Update!


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So, it has been a while since I pushed anything new for our Adoptables, so here is the update. This mostly finishes the promise of a feature from several months ago (I know - I've been slacking).

New "Go to your Adoptables" button on the codex!

When you visit our codex, you will  (if logged in) see a button that will take you to your adoptables. Thanks to @Pepper-Head for this suggestion on our Feedback Topic:

I would encourage anyone with ideas to share them.

Earn XP by posting your Adoptable's click link.

If you happen to frequent other sites, and they allow you to share your Adoptable's click link, do so. You will earn 5 XP per unique click per day. There is no cap, so if you want to get your Adoptable fully evolved quickly, this is a great way to do so. There is also a link on your pets page to it's image. You can find both by clicking on your Adoptable's Name.

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