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What are your favorite 3 websites and why?


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What are the three sites you absolutely love to visit, and what about them has you coming back?

For me, it is http://digg.com, http://reddit.com, and obviously http://thegaminglist.com. The first two for the news (but not too much news), some memes, and general cute animal pictures to make my day go faster, the last one because I :heart: all of you guys.


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1. Reddit, 2. Imgur, 3. I dunno? My local radio station? 

I frequent a few reddit subs for news, others for interests, and those alone take up too much of my free time already.  :P I also stream my local radio station because they play a lot of my favorite songs lol. They're a modern rock station but sometimes they play classic rock.

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1. Eliyo, since its my game. 

2. Workflowy, love this site and use it all the time. Lets me make lists and keep track of things. 

3. ? Unsure which one to put here really. Maybe google lol easy searching to get to all the others I use.

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1. Google.com 

Even weighing the good (it is a suite of free tools you can access anywhere) and bad (it has too much control over what people see on the Internet) things about Google I can't deny that it offers some of the best services out there. Drive and the Docs Suite are almost indespensible. 

2. Neopets.com 

Despite how bad things have gotten and how hopeless things seem to be in terms of even routine updates -- this is still one of three websites I visit daily. I've been playing on and off for 15 years and think part of the appeal is that there is still so much to do here if you can get it to work

3. KnowYourMeme.com (Proceed with Caution!)

Like to think of this as an " Internet News " site. Internet Culture evolves at a fast pace with things and sayings seeming to change every month or so. This can be a decent place to look up what your friends might be talking about. I say " Proceed with Caution " but they're actually quite good at letting you know the content on a page might not be suitable for all ages. 

I'm trying to strike a balance between my internet consumption and working (both online and off) which means that I kicked a bunch of social sites to the curb. I decided to only go on Twitch on the weekends and Youtube at night after I get back from work ... but feel the latter can be cut even further. 

Since I spend most of my time on Youtube listening to music I've been dabbling in Internet Radio. Rainwave, a semi-user request Video Game Radio Station, is one of my favorite Radio Channels for the moment. I turn this on when it's time to work. 

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