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Adoptable Game Raises $25k for Charity

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I recently got back into one of the old pet games I used to play in middle school as a way to kind of waste time and enjoy myself. For the month of March and for the first time, they were fundraising for Red Nose Day - a charity you might be familiar with if you're from the UK (and they've slowly started making their way into the US.) They started donating 1/3 of their sales of the cash shop currency, but I guess they got enough sales that they upped it to 2/3 after two weeks! The prizes for donating were some sprite recolors and costumes, which is a nice incentive but not necessary or really amazing. So it was a great effort of the community to do something nice rather than purely an incentive for the game! :D




The Fundraiser is complete and we have raised an unbelievable £20,279.34! For reference, that's about equivalent to:
- $25,328.90 USD
- EUR 23,435.46€
 - $33,257.48 AUD
Or, translated otherwise, "a heck of a lot of money."

In fact, it's so much money that the donation page won't accept it. I've reached out to my contact there to see if there's another way of paying it in, or if we'll need to make multiple donations. So yeah. We basically broke their system with just how much we've raised. Great job!


To give you a bit of an idea of the size of the site, it typically has an average of 600-1,000 users online at a time.

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