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Are you an artist, writer, programmer, or game owner?


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To make the idea of Artist, Writers, Programmers, and Game Owners more prominent, and to alleviate some of the headache of me trying to move members into these groups (which I have been terribly neglecting), now all members can choose their groups freely.

How this Works

So to set your group, you can do so in your Account Settings, https://thegaminglist.com/settings/changegroup/.

If you are just registering, you can choose it at registration. Please note: If you sign in through social networks, you will not be able to choose at registration, but can do so afterwards using the link above.

You can only choose one category. If you are a Game Owner, but also an Artist, you should choose which one you wish to be known more for.

What about Core Members?

Core membership will be going away. This is to make sure we can better adapt to the needs of a community that is constantly growing.

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