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Two new breeds and referral contest standings!


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Happy Sunday!

We have been hard at work getting additional genetic options added to enabled breeds, and finishing up the last few breeds you all are waiting on.

Over the weekend, we added quite a few additional genetic options to the Forfax! This breed can be found in the Angelic World. What base is your favorite?


Next, we have enabled two more breeds in the Angelic world! First, we have the Niromi! This breed features a unique curved horn and exotic stripes. It's default base is the Heavy Pony, but the Niromi is available in the 9 other bases as well.


Lastly, we have enabled the Quetzal! This will be the last breed of the weekend, and is certainly a favorite. This breed has a fantastic silky, glowing mane/tail along with a glowing halo! The default base for this breed is the Quarter Horse, but it looks amazing as a Pony as well.


Itching to play with the different bases and genetic options? Upgraded members have access to the premium creation area! We recently fixed our last bug with automatic upgrades, so hop on over to the credit store to try it out. Upgrades are starting at $5 for one month of premium fun!


As we mentioned above, this weekend was dedicated to fixing errors we were experiecing with our upgrade system. As of today, upgrades are operating just like our gem purchases, which are instantly posted to a player's account after purchasing.

This week will be dedicated to fixing numerous bugs around CE. Here is a short list of those issues:

  1. If a player enters horses in a competition that runs in two days, the unrun classes show 0 before the competition runs.
  2. Tagging notification error
  3. Default avatar not showing up in the chat rooms
  4. Friend request bug: http://www.celestialequine.com/viewpost?id=838
  5. Horse notes (design error)
  6. Club president should show Playername, not Username (currently showing username)
  7. World store restock
  8. Barn error: http://www.celestialequine.com/viewpost?id=791


Once these bugs are resovled, we will resume our work on item functions and breeding!



You guys are blowing this referral contest out of the water! In addition to 1 gem per referral, the following members are currently in the top five:

529 DawnFlower 21
333 Annacaza 8
19 Desideria 8
682 Ollie 7
557 Arborath 6


Interested in participating in the referral contest? Check out the referral page here!

The Prizes

1st place

  • Design 1 new breed
  • Design 1 new wearable
  • 6 month platinum upgrade
  • 50,000 coins

2nd place

  • Design 1 new wearable
  • 6 month gold upgrade
  • 25,000 coins

3rd place

  • 6 month silver upgrade
  • 25,000 coins


Check out Celestial Equine tomorrow for additional development updates!

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