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As some of you may know, I recently became an admin here at TGL, so I wanted to start by doing some small changes on here. The discord had been looking a bit bare until recently, but I've added a few new categories/channels in order to help separate the various topics users might discuss.

We now have Entertainment, Announcements and Suggestions channels in the General Chat category.
As well as a dedicated Game Discussion category which has channels for RPG Games, SIM Games, Mobile Games and Virtual Pet Sites.

Hopefully this update to the Discord will make it a lot easier for users to discuss topics or possible changes to TGL, but on top of that maybe add more buzz to the server itself. If you do have any suggestions then feel free to post them below, I'd love to hear them. :D

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5 hours ago, CuddlySpider said:

I must ask, for the game discussion category channels, are they for development or for entertainment? Or is it both? I feel it might help having that specified somewhere if it is or is also for development.

They can be used to discuss development, or provide posts about what is in development. The Discord server is generally loose on specific uses for each channel. Since we are heavily developer focused, it makes sense to allow such discussions :) 

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