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Halloween 2017: Pretty Pumpkins


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Halloween 2017: Pretty Pumpkins Contest

So it is the time of the year for pumpkins, ghosts, and things that go bump in the night. To celebrate the great things that happen in fall, our event is a pumpkin coloring contest!

I would encourage everyone to participate, even if you are not an artist, as it is not based on artistic skill, but creativity and just having fun. Do not be afraid to give it a shot.


  • Use the provided template, you may resize it as needed.
  • Use your creativity, but keep the design safe for work.
  • Each member can submit up to 3 entries.
  • Entries are submitted to @Digital


  • Voting is by members, at the submission cut-off, all entries will be put to a community-wide vote to determine winners.
  • Voting is not by artistic skill or talent, but by creativity.


  • First Place: $30 Amazon eGift Card
  • Second Place: $15 Amazon eGift Card
  • Third Place: $5 Amazon eGift Card

Here is the template:


Submission deadline is November 5th. Voting will be from November 6th to the 10th.

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