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Full Colored Critters for Sale


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Hello there guys, just wanted to let you all know that for this month of October, I'm making a critter a day!

I currently have 8 critters here which have not been sold! They are all awesome and beautiful. I will be sure to give you the PSD file for them so you can color them and adjust the lines to which ever way pleases you. Once you have purchased, they are fully yours to do with as you please, commercial and/or private use... it is all up to you! Full size critters are much bigger than this and come in a 1748x1240 canvas size. Not all creatures are the same size.

I'll be adding more on (one day till the end of October) so if you want to keep better track of what I have going on, be sure to check out my DA account: https://aminirus.deviantart.com/gallery/


pawtober adopts day5 public.png

pawtober adopts day6 public.png

pawtober adopts day7 public.png

pawtober adopts day8 public.png

pawtober adopts day10 public.png

pawtober adopts day11 public.png

pawtober adopts day12 public.png

pawtober adopts day13 public.png

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