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Probably not final, but this is what I have so far for the world of Wild Souls, called Frekiheimr.


  • Nigrum Montis ("Black Mountain")
    • The taiga biome. It looms over Lunam Mare and also houses the sacred Spiritus Petram.
    • Contains the territory of the Blackridge pack.
  • Ventum Collis ("Wind Hills")
    • The moorland biome. Strong winds usually blow down from Nigrum Montis and over the rolling hills.
    • Contains the territory of the Windfall pack.
  • Agri Magnum ("Great Plains")
    • The grassland biome. The land here is mostly flat, with tall grasses spreading for miles. Water from Lunam Mare flows down into the Ridge, making it an important place for shamans.
    • Contains the territory of the Goldenrun pack.
  • Mutantur Silvam ("Changing Forest")
    • The deciduous forest biome. It is the only place in Frekiheimr that sees the most change in the seasons, and it has the largest range of weather. It also has the most lakes and rivers.
    • Contains the territory of the Earthshire pack.


  • Lunam Mare ("Moon Lake")
    • The largest lake in all of Frekiheimr. It is a sacred body of water, and it is believed that the spirits of the dead walk the surface to reside in Spiritus Lacum.
  • Spiritus Lacum ("Spirit Den")
    • It is a belief among the wolves of Frekiheimr that the deceased live here. It is located near the center of Lunam Mare, making it too far away to swim to. Pathways appear on rare winter nights, but those who don't leave before the waters return are trapped until they part again.
  • Spiritus Petram ("Spirit Rock")
    • A rock formation slightly resembling a howling wolf, which is the highest peak in Nigrum Montis. On rare winter nights, pathways appear in the lake to reach Spiritus Lacum when the auroras pass over Spiritus Pertam.
  • The Gorge
    • This is where a waterfall is formed from the waters of Lunam Mare. Shamans believe that stronger healing herbs can be found here, which grow from sacred waters.

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Changed "canyon" to "gorge", since canyons are more desert-like
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