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Forum Adoptables Update 3/25


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Wanted to drop in that a new update for the adoptables has been released for the forums that fix a few issues, and also give some addtional features that should make things a little nicer.

New Adoptable: Spiky Cat


Thanks to @Hare for this wonderful new addition.

You can get your Spiky Cat Egg from the Store now.


Fixed Issues:

  • Fixed the Adoptables on mobile, should now display much better in smaller forms.
  • Fixed some missing language settings.

New Features:

  • Notifications can be sent when you receive a new Adoptable or when your adoptable is ready to Evolve.
    To Enable:
    • Go to your Notification Settings and just hit save, by default they are enabled, but existing users will need to save them again (annoying I know.)


This is relatively a small update, as I wanted to fix the mobile display issue, and make sure we had some form of notifications for when your Adoptable is ready to evolve versus checking your profile all the time.

Let me know what you think of the Adoptables so far?

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38 minutes ago, SingSong said:

The adoptables are great! I just feel bad that my Spiky Cat is being neglected, because I'm trying to put all my power points toward my lizard for the contest, haha 

Ah, but I kinda like that you have to choose which pet you wish to work with, and make a decision over which you want to favor :P 

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