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Java programmer for calendar app


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Hello. I am in need of a programmer to help develop a calendar app capable of running multiple calendar systems simultaneously, allowing users to view and compare things like holidays, dates and week names, as well as add personal notes to specific days. To start off with, the app should be able to feature the Gregorian calendar and the old Scandinavian runic calendar (which is an eternity system based on the moon rather than the sun, so it might been a rather different line of code). I'm not looking to implement any more right now due to limited funds, but it would be ideal of the system allowed for easy addition of more in the future. 

Since I'm paying out of my own pocket and don't have the programming experience needed to really estimate what would be a fair price for something like this, the job may or may not be immediate - I don't plan to underpay anybody. If this is within your skillset, please feel free to contact me with estimated rates and time frame - even if it turns out I cannot pay right now, I will return to it in the future. 

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