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What inspire(s/d) you?


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I think for myself, it has been the idea of being able to produce something that is neat or fun. I got into programming originally to challenge myself to overcome goals. I remember my first early sites were based around Pokemon, and trying to mimic the games in a web based format. At that time I learned html and css, but quickly learning perl, then php to be able to make them do more.

They were horrible, but the experience helped me continue to improve and build on them!

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I've always liked games from a very young age and picked up writing quitr quickly as I loved reading and creating stories.

I want to make games because as with my writing I like making a world and watching people grow and expand in it. To see what they can come up with and knowing I've inspired them. I also really like the community aspect of games :)

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What originally started me on this trajectory was Zelda Ocarina of Time on the N64. I remember the first time I went to Hyrule Field and the feeling of seeing the world and immediately wanting to create myself. I played a lot of web games back in the day as well and I guess the two ideas merged into wanting to create my own web game. I take inspiration from a lot of different sources now, many games (including Pokemon for Eliyo especially battling) and life as well. 

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