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Come one, come all! Welcome to the Kingdom of Goatlings!

Goatlings is a free-to-play virtual pet site, fun for all ages. Get your own lovable sidekick by adopting a virtual pet goat! Then name them, raise them, and train them! Play games, explore, and find treasure with your cute friend! Meet the interesting residents, challenge unruly baddys, interact with friends, open a shop, start a collection, and make your mark in the Goatlings world.

Discover unique foods, toys, books, and collectibles. Aid your Goatling with equipment and healing items. Explore beautiful and mysterious landscapes filled with treasure and, in more distant places; danger! Lure out rare, wild goats from these terrains. If you succeed at finding them you may obtain a valuable companion.

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I am absolutely in love with this game~!

I've been over there for about 10 months and it's still definitely one of the most adorable pet sites I've joined. I think the best part is definitely being able to create profiles for your Goatlings, add collectors items to their pages and give them a whole backstory. It makes the game just that little bit sweeter, and makes collecting all the donuts worth it, aside from just owning them all there's really no other point. 

I would definitely recommend this to people who like cutesy style characters and enjoy collecting items, as well as giving pixels a life of their own. 

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