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Finishing a Species


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While I cannot do much (if any) of the programming for my little project, I can and am working on developing/revamping an older species of mine! Figured I would show off some of my work in progress pieces. If anyone has suggestions/questions I'd greatly appreciate it!

The species started out as a tiger-like creature hugely inspired by Eastern dragons. It's developed since then into something more in tune with my mind.

An Older WIP (need to update):


This is intended to be a full site illustration once it is finished. I need to fix the forepaws, neck, and skull. The rest is pretty much up-to-date.


Latest WIP:


More of an experimental sketch. Looking back at it (always good to not look at something for a day then come back with a fresh mind)...I'm more fond of Sketch 1 anatomy. 


The major changes are the head shape, and the front "paws." I really love giving non-humanoid creatures hands, haha. They are not as dexterous as humans, of course, but they most certainly use this adaptation to their advantage in climbing trees and discovering better ways to get food. Much of the time, however, young will rely on brute-strength to solve their problems, not becoming particularly interested in thinking until maturity. I am probably going to modify the thumbs to make them more rat-like...in that they're vestigial but have enough bone/muscle left to use them to an extant. They generally have a pretty thick body coat, this one does not for the sake of anatomy study.

Coat thickness, length, ear shape, and horn shape are major things that breeders focus on altering through selective breeding. 


Illustrations and species design are strictly property of Arik E. E. (myself). No one is permitted to copy, reproduce, or otherwise illegally claim the artwork and species.

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Nice progress, thanks for sharing!

It sounds like an interesting species. From the last picture, it feels a bit awkward to me, possibly due to the fact that it's pretty much floating in space. It gives the impression that it would have more mental/magical attributes than any strength. The drooping pelvis and smaller hind legs also reminds me a bit of the German shepherd, where I'd see it more as a weakness/degradation. If they are meant as climbers, I'd imagine their hind legs/paws might be more evolved as well- maybe slightly longer and flexible. The hind legs in the first image might be a better direction? They definitely look more muscular.

Whatever route you go, it's looking great. Sorry if I rambled too much there.. 

I like the species description you started as well. I'd love to see where you go with the first image.

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Looking back over the latest sketch with a fresh mind I'm curling my lip at it, thay design has lost the powerful build that I'd like them to have. I'll drop back to Sketch 1 and work on the paws...I think I'll go with a fossa like structure for the feet.


Thanks all for the feedback! I appreciate it very much :D

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