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Background Sale- Interest Check?


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Not sure if this is something people are interested in but I used to do volunteer work for this really promising wolf sim that was in dev. Unfortunately it ended up dying off and now I have tons of unfinished concepts and sketches of locations that I never shared with the owner before they stopped production. I was thinking of sketching up some wolf bases and selling all that junk in a bundle but it seems like wolf sims are not really popular or thriving...or something? The existing ones don't quite match the style and I haven't seen any in-dev ones as of late.

Anyway, long story short, I've got backgrounds. I was wondering if anyone would be interested in buying them if I completed them or if I should just go ahead and stick to the bundle idea?



^ That's one of the WIPS. Most of them are forests, rivers, grasslands, etc. Places wolves would live...as, that's what the game was Dl Maybe thinking of pricing them around 50USD+ Have to gauge the market a little bit, I think.


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I have two projects which could absolutely use them.

Neither is a wolf sim, but one of them is a wild canine rpg I've been debating including wolves in... so you have my interest whether you choose to make a bundle or not.

How many are there?

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@Keptsoul2 Thank you, and I hope you find what you're looking for! I know how that is. Buying assets can be a real pain, especially when trying to prioritize where to put your funds.


@SparrenI think five or six that are as far along as the above example, with some assorted foreground decorations like these (though I'd probably only pursue these if I'm doing a bundle because like 0 people have a need for them nowadays):



But meh, wolves, wild canines, they're all pretty similar methinks. I'm not saying these need to go to a wolf sim; it'd just seem more fitting since that's what they were originally for. But then, it's not like any of the backgrounds have wolves in them so you wouldn't know the difference.

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