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Seeking background/environment artist


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I'm looking for an artist to create several large landscape/environment background images.

These will be used as site backgrounds, so I'm looking for something roughly 1200x700px. 1200 being width, and 700 height. Those dimensions are somewhat flexible, but the width to height ratio must be in the same ballpark (width px should be somewhere around 1.7x the height). Images whose height/width ratio does not meet this standard won't fit my needs and will be rejected.

In particular I am looking for forest, plains or grasslands, valley, and jungle or rain-forest clearing scenes as well as multiple time of day/season morphs for some of them. I'd like compete scenes, but it is okay if the central region of the images is a little 'empty' compared to the rest since that region will likely be covered.

The details of each piece will be left up to you apart from a vague environment request (ex: forest), and I'm usually pretty easy to please. The only real sticking points I have are the size requirements I mentioned above.

I need at least 4 distinct environments total, but will just ask for one to begin with. Probably the forest (doesn't matter if it's pine or deciduous), which I'd eventually like seasonal and day/night versions of. Later, if things go well we can discuss the rest.

One of my sites is badly in need of a bg update so I'd like to get at least one piece out of the way by mid October if possible (not including time of day/season derivatives). The rest I am much more flexible on.

This art will be used commercially. Therefore, the work must be entirely your own and I require that full commercial use, resale, reproduction, derivation, ect. rights/copyrights for each piece be transferred to me upon full payment for the work. In addition I ask that you acknowledge that I have been transferred these rights in writing. I will take full ownership of the pieces however, you may still show the work in your portfolio(s).

USD via PayPal.
Please note: I will not under any circumstances send payment using the 'send as gift' option. So if that is a requirement of yours please do not apply.

If interested please feel free to post or send me a pm with relevant examples of your work and pricing. Thank you! :)

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Hi Sparren,

If you haven't found someone yet to do landscape paintings - I'm very interested. Currently, I have a more colorful, vivid style when I paint landscapes but I can easily adapt and reference different styles. :)  My DA folder has the previous, but I can put together a quick draft for the latter to see if my current work matches your needs & expectations. This might be a better option since my existing environment paintings are a bit dated.

I also normally paint using a letter-sized canvas (8.5x11), so 1200x700 should not be a problem at all.

As for timeline/availability, I'm at work mornings 8-4, but I have plenty of time in the evening. Meeting deadlines should not be a problem either - especially if you're looking at mid October for a finished piece minimum. 

Let me know if you're interested and would like to talk more!


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