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What TV Shows do you watch regularly?


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Not everyone watches TV, so this can include YouTube series or Podcasts as well, but what regular series of TV/YT/Podcasts do you watch on a regular basis?

I don't really catch too much these days, but I used to be a regular watcher of Game of Thrones, and also enjoyed Marco Polo on Netflix as a series.

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Ah, Simpsons, the classic that keeps on giving. I will still watch it if I can catch it!

Growing up every so often I would watch an episode or two of Charmed or Friends.

Ironically, here at home, we don't even have cable, mainly just using Netflix :P 

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I like watching documentary shows, stuff about animals (Planet Earth), competition shows (especially ones on human nature "Stranded with a Million Dollars" currently, or ones about creativity like Skin Wars, Face Off, and Steampunk'd), and shows about surviving (like Naked and Afraid and I Survived, I'm Alive, and I Shouldn't Be Alive which are three different shows with essentially the same topic). I also can get into documentary shows about real crime and sometimes reality TV if I really like the main people (such as My Big Fat Fabulous Life, which I didn't intend to like, but I found the main person, Whitney, to be pretty likable).


I don't watch too many scripted shows, because I nitpick the writing too much. But I did love Malcolm in the Middle, and I currently watch reruns of Seventh Heaven, because the poor writing makes me crack up so much. One of my favorite episodes is the one in which the preacher father was basically going to disown his son for smoking weed. And then, even after he learns that his wife did the same thing in college, he proceeds to say, "How could you be so stupid?" and essentially insult his wife in the same room. And he only accepts his son again when he learns that his son did not, in fact, smoke weed. I find the parents in that show to be so unlikable, it's hilarious to me. Either the writing is really bad or really good, and they do a great job portraying flawed characters.

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