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What are we?

Momentum is a very unique gaming experience that hasn't been seen yet. At Momentum you get to experience the world of horse racing based in the United Kingdom. Its not just the usual flat racing either, oh no! We also have alongside, with as much importance as flat racing, steeplechasing or jump racing as it is sometimes called.

What can we experience as a player at Momentum?

As a player of Momentum you own your very own thoroughbred stud farm. You start out with two horses, one filly and colt, that are created at random for you to start your racing career with. You will also start with some Guineas, our game 'free' currency, and a surprise which is a random item from our feed and tack shop.

From the start of the game you will be embraced by the game community, including myself, who can help you learn the tricks of the trade when it comes to suceeding here at Momentum. From the beginning you can decide which path you wish to take for your career - sprints, long distance, flat, steeplechasing, most wins, training the most winners, breeding the most winners, the options are endless!

Are there any other differences between Momentum and other racing SIM sites?

Why yes there are! You will NEVER see a colour or pattern or mutation in this game that has not been seen on a real life thoroughbred at some point in time. Also, your horse(s)' skills will rely on you as a trainer - should you wish to train your horse(s) yourselves - as you will take part in an interactive training experience that depend on what choices you make as to how much your horse progresses in his training or goes backward in his training. Not only that but retired racehorses can help aid training as well as they train alongside your current racers.



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