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Coder needed for one of a kind SIM game!


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Hello, I am looking for a high quality, professional coder with a lot of experience in making a variety of websites.

I have a very vivid and large imagination so creativity has never been a weakness. I have every page of the website drawn up and a lot of the math done too (although it may need some tweaking). I just literally need someone to build the website for me and help maintain it as I have a lot of ideas for the future too, so someone that could stick around and be a permenant member of my team would be great. Since I have no skill in coding whatsoever, I am not sure which 'skills' (as in css and all the other stuff) are needed so feel free to provide your portfolio of work you have done so far and I'll see if any of you fit the bill for what I need.

I do need someone understanding as well as patient. I may have a vast imagination but as I said no skills or knowledge in the coding world so you may have to explain things to me. I also live in the UK so if you do not you'll need the patience to wait for me to come online and be able to talk to you. The friendlier the better. I really want to be involved too and I'm thinking of updating the look on some of the pages as I did draw them a while back now and have been searching for a coder for a long time, so with someone in the know and up to date on all things coding would help me make sure any tweaks I make in design are possible. Also when posting please let me know what it will cost and what time frame you'd think you would be able to complete the website in. I have a forum complete with all the information we need. I also have a specification document as well with updated information.

The image side is already sorted, I have an artist.

If you are interested please let me know here, provide examples of your work, and how much you are likely to charge for a big project like this.

Kind Regards,

Becki x




What are we?

Momentum is a very unique gaming experience that hasn't been seen yet. At Momentum you get to experience the world of horse racing based in the United Kingdom. Its not just the usual flat racing either, oh no! We also have alongside, with as much importance as flat racing, steeplechasing or jump racing as it is sometimes called.

What can we experience as a player at Momentum?

As a player of Momentum you own your very own thoroughbred stud farm. You start out with two horses, one filly and colt, that are created at random for you to start your racing career with. You will also start with some Guineas, our game 'free' currency, and a surprise which is a random item from our feed and tack shop.

From the start of the game you will be embraced by the game community, including myself, who can help you learn the tricks of the trade when it comes to suceeding here at Momentum. From the beginning you can decide which path you wish to take for your career - sprints, long distance, flat, steeplechasing, most wins, training the most winners, breeding the most winners, the options are endless!

Are there any other differences between Momentum and other racing SIM sites?

Why yes there are! You will NEVER see a colour or pattern or mutation in this game that has not been seen on a real life thoroughbred at some point in time. Also, your horse(s)' skills will rely on you as a trainer - should you wish to train your horse(s) yourselves - as you will take part in an interactive training experience that depend on what choices you make as to how much your horse progresses in his training or goes backward in his training. Not only that but retired racehorses can help aid training as well as they train alongside your current racers.

Can you tell us more about the races?

Of course! We have a full racing calendar for both disciplines that will run each year, allowing racers to repeat races should they wish to retain their titles or improve their past placements. Each month will have a national race, the biggest races on Momentum, for each discipline (flat and jump) which hold grand prizes and immortal fame. In one of these month's a retired horse will be chosen at random and only his or her offspring can run in this race, adding a bit of fun to the occasion.

Apart from that six races will run each day. One day it will be flat racing, the next day it will be steeplechasing (jump) racing, and the next flat racing and so on giving everyone a chance to enter as well as train to prepare for the next race. It also gives the larger stables a chance to get all their racers out on the track at least once. Whether you are online every day or not there is so many races out there for you to enter that everyone has a chance at those first place ribbons, big prizes, and bigger titles. Also don't forget that here at Momentum there is always that longshot chance that an underestimated horse may just snatch the win!

Is there anything else we can do to improve our horse(s)' skills?

Each horse has its own stats: Speed, Stamina, Strength, Jumping, and Intelligence. When training the horse will improve in these stats and thus give the horse a better chance of winning a race. There is also specific tack and feed that can help increase these stats as well.

Speed, Strength and Stamina all have five ratings that go from average to excellent and thus grading how good your horse is in each trait which will help you decide which kind of racer he'll be - will he have the stamina to go for long distance or is his speed more matched for sprinting? Then there is Jumping which has six rating that go from poor to excellent. This will help you judge whether your horse will be best suited to the flat or to steeplechasing.

The Intelligence stat never chances. It stays as it was at birth. This is for a very good reason! Intelligence comes in five ratings from Average to Excellent and depending on the rating, you can gain between one and four extra points in training when you send your horse to train with our NPC trainer!

If that isn't enough for you to stick your teeth into we will have preferences for each horse (as they are individuals) which include the type and condition of the ground. In the future we have the horse's build, temprement (base, weakness, strength, and quirk) which will also affect the horse's training and racing skills. Jockeys are a future expansion along with easy to follow betting and syndicates.

You will definitely want to get on board this horse before the starting gates open!

Risks and challenges

The only challenges and risks I can foresee are coding ones during the Alpha phase and when we introduce new features. With our own personal coder on hand I hope that anything that does occur will be handled quickly and efficiently. Back-ups of the site will continually be taken so even if mother nature strikes or other things out of our control happen we will be able to get this site back up and running very quickly. With my years of playing horse SIM games as well as family and friends with experience in all areas required for producing and running this game I am confident there is nothing we can't handle!


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Thanks honey. I have a lot 'stalking' me at the moment. Just wish one of them was a coder! XD

Its why this search is so frustrating. I have so many people who want to be told when its open, all excited, and I know it'll be big. I just need a coder who will give it a chance. Hopefully the advert here will help :) I appreciate your comments. They really brightened my day!

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