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Are any site owners doing anything fun for the upcoming fall season? Either for a holiday or just during the time period?


Do you enjoy seasonal events or seasonal layouts? What would you like to see for seasonal events and specifically with fall, Halloween, or Thanksgiving? Would you prefer events be related to the season, holiday or things for both? What don't you enjoy seasonally?


I have some upcoming plans for Eliyo and Animal Acres and it has me curious to see others thoughts, opinions and plans.

I am still planning things out, but want to do a layout as well as some type of event that will be time limited. The layout will be default but don't plan to remove it after.

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I love seasonal events! When my site is on its feet then I'll certainly be including events featured around the Equinoxes and Solstices. Seasonal events offer several benefits in that they pick activity up, and give users a reason to interact with each other if they're trying to trade for event-exclusive items/etc. 

Seasonal changes in layout are also a great way to indicate to potential users that the site is active and the staff are involved enough to make the changes, another bonus. Lastly, and frankly, events are fun! Chaotic to plan and actually pull off...but I think well worth it in the end.

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HP does a lot of seasonal stuff! We do change our layout with the seasons (the background and the color scheme).

But we also have some seasonal events that we always do, especially around the holiday season. We do Trick-or-Treating in October, hand turkeys and Cyber Monday in November, 24 Days of Christmas in December, and then we have an annual mascot contest.

We regularly run events and contests, but those are our annual seasonal events.

Players appreciate it, and it's fun for the staff too.

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