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Seeking Long-Term Item Artist


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I am now to the point where I am looking to hire artists for the artwork I cannot do for my work-in-progress game. I've already reached out to map and environment artists, so now I am looking for an item artist or two (if those two can match styles closely). This is not a small project in terms of item artwork. The game is veritem oriented because gathering, hunting, farming/gardening, and crafting are some of the major activities, which are all dependent upon items. All items are in stages from most crude, raw material, to the most complete, refined craft. Here are some examples of item evolution:

Elk Carcass >> Raw Meat | Hide >> Leather + string and iron >> leather collar + red dye >> red collar

Long grass >> Wheat Seeds | Fibers >> String

Iron Ore >> Iron Ingot

Red poppy >> Red Dye

Wheat Seeds >> Plant in garden! >> Wheat grows over time (through a couple illustrated stages)


Items include raw resources, processed resources, food, herbal medicines, pet accessories, human avatar accessories, and some other misc. things.


This is, of course, all going to be paid work and will be drawn out over time. So, if you're interested, please contact me!

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