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Seeking Co-Creators

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      Hello all! I am in the process of looking for like-minded enthusiastic people in order to create something truly unique. I am a college sophomore working towards a bachelor’s degree in digital media. Keeping this in mind, I am hoping to recruit either fellow college students, graduates, or even game site enthusiasts looking to further their careers by expanding their portfolios.

      How exactly does this help your portfolio? Beit that you are a college student and/or someone interested in creating content, experience is a must. While many of my colleagues are finding this experience through unpaid internships, I am hoping to not only find this experience through a team of like-minded people, but also provide the same experience to others while hopefully creating something worth-while. In the end the goal is to create a unique pet-site. If you are a content creator and are able to confidently say you have talents in drawing, writing, graphic design, or programming, I am interested in speaking with you!

       What I am looking to create is a pet-site that resembles an RPG. A game that provides each member with a unique experienced based on how THEY like to play games! The site will boast both PvE and PvP elements with a strong focus on community. Our job as creators will be to provide a challenging yet rewarding experience backed by well developed lore that can be expanded upon at anytime. This means the site can continuously update with new challenges and quests for members to enjoy! If a pet-site with roots in mythology, cosmic horror, and the likes of D & D and Magic the Gathering is something that excites you, do not hesitate to reach out to me.


            In the notion of full disclosure, creators looking to join this team will not be paid. This is an offer of co-creation, meaning that upon completion, site profits will be split among contributors.


 If you would like to know more or are interested, feel free to message me here or join this discord server to discuss: https://discord.gg/MTSAZSz

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