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What really annoys you but happens way to often?


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So as I am starting new discussions to get more posting going (those Egg's need to hatch ya know), I wanted to make sure the discussions were better then just simple questions, and required some thought. So here we go:

What really annoys you but happens often?

For me, it has to be the very simple fact that my four pups, who I love dearly, cannot keep their cool when anyone comes within 1/2 a block of our house - regardless of whether the individual (young, old, infant, or possibly even ghosts) is visible. It is like they have a drone flying overhead and are watching it live. This annoys me, not because they are doing what dogs do, but because I work from home and they do relatively regularly when they are inside.

Pets, gotta love em! :D 

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17 hours ago, Callum said:

Mine is when people can't clean up after themselves in work or think it's someone else's job to do so. If you spill milk, mop it up! If chocolate powider explodes everywhere get a blooming hoover out!!! @everycostabarista

So, funny story:

My older son when he was 2 and a half decided one morning to make himself a glass of chocolate milk on his own (while his mother was asleep). So we got the mix out, and went to get the milk to find there was none. So.. what is a toddler to do if he has mix and no milk and cannot complete the task at hand.

... wait for it...

He decides the mix is useless, and literally dumps it all down the toilet. Per his mother it was a holy mess.

@Callum He is 9 now, so has a few years before he can work, when he is old enough do you think you can hook him up with a job, sounds like he would be a good fit :P 

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Wait... if the mix went down the toilet, how was it such a mess?  I must know.


I think the biggest thing that annoys me frequently and enough to make me vocal is littering. My city is so trashy. It disgusts me. People will dump out the contents of three full garbage cans without a care in the world on the side of the street. A few years ago, my boyfriend at the time and I spent a few hours cleaning every piece of trash we saw along one side of a canal including cigarette butts and someone's complete, discarded, rotted lunch. We ended with three whole bags of trash. Not even a week later it was a dumping ground again. By the way, this canal is visible off a main road near my house, which is why I wanted to make it look nicer. 

For weeks, there was a dumpster sized pile of an old mattress and other assorted junk just on the side of the road near a park I liked going to. There are thousands of cigarette butts in the grass at our parks here. And always broken glass and quality finds like snack wrappers, old bras and pregnancy tests in the field by my house. I have picked up people's litter so many times.


We have an annual event (coming up) for people to show their love for our city and help clean up, but in participating in that I've noticed that people just go to take selfies during the event downtown, and when it comes to the cleaning no one really cares. They definitely don't extend that to other days. As if we can make up for the trash of a year in four hours. But, yay, some businesses and churches get free cleaning around their buildings, I guess. 


But I've noticed that people don't pick up the trash on their own lawns or they'll just have piles to the ceiling of junk in their garages, so if they treat their own living areas that way, how can I expect them to pick up after themselves in places that belong to other people?


I'm just tired of seeing trash everywhere every time I take a drive. Look, you've got me ranting!


And yes, I agree about the barking dogs, too. I especially love when all the neighborhood dogs sing their carols all at once. 

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1 minute ago, SingSong said:

Wait... if the mix went down the toilet, how was it such a mess?  I must know.

From the description, not all the mix made it into the toilet, and if you don't add enough water or milk to chocolate milk mix, it is the consistency of cement.

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