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Screen size of video content


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How big should video content be in terms of width when being dealt with from a reviewers perspective of new content to a site?

I am a bit curious as my current system takes up 85% of the screen in the movie section which is good there but from a review perspective it feels like it needs to be smaller.

Any advice guys?

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4 minutes ago, Dinocanid said:

I might be understanding wrong, but you could try zooming out of the page while recording. Google chrome allows you to zoom out, and I'm sure Firefox does it to. That's what I do when I need to take full-page screenshots.

@Dinocanid: I am not talking about recording videos. I am talking about already recorded videos that are uploaded at the default 100% zoom size. Like how much of the screen should the videos take up?

Would it be this much <-- -->, <----     --->, or <---                                                                                                                                                                     ------>

That type of thing.

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