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What was the last story you wrote about?


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What was the last story/blurb you wrote in terms of creative writing or game development did you write?

I will lead with the descriptions you guys see on the Adoptables, with this one being my personal favorite:

This guy is all about the loot. If you wonder where he has wandered off to, just look at the nearest bag, you will probably see his tail sticking out of it while he rummages looking for shiny or valuables to run off with.

This is the description for one of the Lizardly Dragon forms. As I was writing it, I was in my mind imagining this spiky lizards tail sticking out of a backpack as random boring items are being tossed out, and random hissing and scratching are going on.

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I have all the original PSDs for the adoptables I did, TGL's welcome to them. XD Nice description on the lizards. I drew the tail to look vaguely like the lizard's head (in a smaller, simpler form). When it evolves, the tail looks even more like a head because it has eyes too. Just threw it in there last minute. 

I'm not much of a writer when it comes to publishing. Been writing online with friends for a long time, though. 

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