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Miss Hades

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Welcome to the tundra.



We are excited to announce that RIME is an exciting upcoming text-based Simulation Game based on an alternative Earth where the Ice Age never ended. Players will be able to create up to three free accounts, each with a different Pride of prehistoric big cats: the Giant Cheetah, the Cave Lion, and, of course, the Smilodon!

In RIME, it is your duty to lead your Pride in battle against other Prides, Neanderthals, Dire Wolves, and a hundred other prehistoric threats to compete for territory and resources. The game will mix realistic features like a complex Genetics system, Breeding, Territory Maintenance, and Competitive Hunting, with fantasy elements like Primordial Deities and a vast array of pelt options (ranging from black to bright blue).

The owners, Chelsea and Caitlin, have decades of experience in staffing various games between the two of them. RIME’s head artist, Miss Hades, has loaned her art and experience to several SIM sites. Our other artists - Heda RedBox, Nameria, Stormblood, and Typhon - all have years of experience under their belts and each of them have the experience to help with all aspects of a SIM game! Even our Artist-in-Training, Alex, has the skills and knowledge to stand side-by-side with the main artists of RIME!

RIME's exceptional development team is working hard every day to make our vision into a reality, and to include all of you in its realization, but we need your help to do it. Your support means the world to us and on top of in-game rewards, we're offering you a chance to get in on the ground floor of development and influence the direction the game takes as a whole. Patreon backers will have access to a special development feed on our Patreon page, a Discord server for suggestions and updates, and an array of polls to see what the community wants as a whole.

We want to make one final promise for everyone who might be interested in RIME, even if you can't afford to back us financially. We will always be responsive, transparent, and open to suggestions. We are here to provide a service to our community. We won't always have the right answer, but we won't be afraid to ask our community what they think and what they want. We want you to love RIME as much as we do, and we're prepared to do whatever it takes to earn that.


See you on the tundra.


(Click below to be taken to our Patreon!)


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